Thursday, December 7, 2017

2017 Advent Beer 7: Camba Bavaria Grisette

I'm not an adventurous person by nature, but I do relish the opportunity to sample a new beer style - in this case, a grisette.

A grisette, as near as I am able to determine, is a Belgian style comparable to a saison, but where a saison is commonly associated with farmhands, grisettes are typically found amongst miners.

Like a saison, they are light, highly effervescent beers. Camba Bavaria's version pours a soft, hazy, golden yellow. There is lots of yeast and fruit esters in the nose, and a hint of the 5.9% ABV.

The real difference is in the taste though. Like a saison, the grisette is fresh, light and tingly, but there is also an intrinsic sourness to it; not overpowering, but distinct.  Some beer drinkers will no doubt find this offputting but I think it is captivating, and no doubt quite refreshing after a long day wresting coal or what-have-you from the bosom of the earth.

There are hints of grapefruit or perhaps sour apple here as well, but I inadvertently paired it with oversalted popcorn, so I'm afraid it didn't last all that long. A good showing for our first continental European beer!

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