Sunday, December 10, 2017

Dance Dad: Performance Vs. Competition

Glory's dance school performed at the Festival of Trees last Sunday while Audrey and Fenya were assisting the choir in church. This left me in my familiar role as logistic/morale officer, something I enjoy doing way more at a performance than a feis.

The scheduling at a dance competition will be familiar to anyone who has a child in track or swimming or other similar sports; long periods of waiting punctuated by a flurry of events far too close to each other in terms of time, sometimes overlapping, and often at opposite ends of the venue.

For a performance, though, once I have Glory in the building, and with a clear destination in mind ("Same place as last year?" "Yep."), she is more than capable enough on her own. This frees me up to stake out a good sightline in the audience area, creeping ever forwards after each successive preceding act in my quest to ensconce myself in the coveted front row.

Arriving 40 minutes early meant I accomplished my goal after a mere three performances. Sadly, this also gave me front row to largely unattended toddlers meandering onto the staging, draping themselves on the monitors and so forth.

Small matter! Once the dancers from Scoil Rince Mahoney took the stage, I was captivated. Any of the dances Glory was involved in (including a complicated 12-hand arrangement of her instructor's own creation) gave me an opportunity to refamiliarize myself with my camcorder; my apologies for the out-of-focus shots!

The finale brought the entire contingent on stage at one time, and the stomps at the end of the number were startling, even above the music. It was a good showing for the troupe, and I think their instructor Lori was pretty happy overall.

The next feis is in January, and there is a lot of practice between now and then, but I know Glory enjoys the liberty of performing without being judged every once in a while (typically Christmas and St. Patrick's Day), just as much as I know I enjoy watching her!

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