Friday, February 4, 2011

Valhallan Infantry - "A" Squad

This is the first of 5 ten-man infantry squads for my Valhallan army.  It has been a long while since I painted an army, so my unit painting chops are decidedly rusty.  Still, I managed to knock these out to a passable standard within about a week, which bodes well for the project as a whole.  10 down, only 40 to go!  Oh, and a platoon command.  And company command too.  Right, mustn't forget the heavy weapons squad.

Suddenly feeling a little overwhelmed...ah well.  Still, 11 weeks until May; plenty of time!

I used pretty much the same camo pattern as I used on my tank riders from Cold Comfort.  It didn't turn out quite the same, but in a platoon of 50, it should look all right.  I need to get more consistent with the Codex Grey and Chaos Black splotches, but it appears I will have plenty of opportunity to practice.  I've also added a blue shoulder flash with a white 'A', so I can tell them apart from the 40 comrades yet to come.

No conversions in this crowd, unless you count the plastic vox-caster so the unit can have comms.  In the new rules, officers can give orders allowing additional actions and such, and the vox-caster permits a re-roll if the initial dice are unfavourable.  Since my dice are consistently unfavourable, this seems a prudent addition.
The basing is a real departure for me, but I couldn't justify having these guys in their scarves and fur hats and then base them with green flock; it just didn't follow.  Glued sand, painted shadow grey and then drybrushed Space Wolf Grey makes a good foundation for the snow flock.  Thankfully I read an article about mixing it 50/50 with white glue in order to get the proper consistency, or I would have needed 6 or 7 applications of the stuff.  I have a huge shaker of it, so that's not a problem, but the tedium!  I already stock that in bulk, and there is no arguing that the snow makes them distinctive looking.

At some point, I imagine I will have to make some scenery that matches as well; they are going to look pretty funny marching around on green felt with snow around their feet.

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