Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Valhallan XXII - Ready for Deployment

I bought the first piece at Baltimore's GW HQ in 2001, most of the rest in my final staff purchase in 2007, and the remainder last fall.

I finally started gluing the Basilisk together last spring when my nephew Mark was visiting; I showed him how to build a plastic kit while he worked on a 1:144 scale bi-plane.  I put the half-finished kit away over the summer and didn't finish it until October.

From there it was pretty much a constant state of production until, well, this afternoon, when I finished the stormtroopers.  After that, I simply had to see what the army looked like all together.

Since most games involve armies around 1500 points, this is actually closer in size to two armies, so I am pretty pleased at having finished in time.  Most importantly, all these models aren't languishing in a box in the closet any longer.  I probably won't get too many chances to field the XXII in its entirety, but my first chance is only 5 days away.  Holy crap, I guess I had better find something to carry them in...

Obviously toy soldiers aren't everyone's cup of (tanna leaf) tea, but hopefully the interstitial posts kept you from getting too bored.  Thanks to everyone who has followed my progress on these Valhallans, and for your comments and support!


  1. Awesome, looking forward to seeing them deployed.

    Not sure if I should taunt you with a picture of the terrain or not.

  2. Hi there,

    I found your page by coincidence when I googled Commander Chenkov. I read all your recent Valhallan articles and I have to say you did a fantastic job!

    Hopefully you'll have a lot of fun deploying the 22th Valhalla. Maybe you can upload a little game report with some pictures? That would be awesome ;)

    Best regards and greetings from Switzerland