Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Feast of Thrones: Chapter 3

The salad course was themed for the mountaintop fortress of House Arryn, the Aerie, and was a Japanese bird's nest salad made from ramen style noodles and cabbage.

Because the dressing recipe called for oil, vinegar and soya sauce, this presented Pete with a research issue. The recipe did not specify what type of vinegar, what sort of oil, and whether Japanese or Chinese soya sauce should be used.

It is a testimonial to either Pete's attention to detail or the onset of obsessive compulsive disorder that he took it upon himself to make eight different versions to explore every possible permutation. GRRM also wrote a chess story called Unsound Variations that just came to mind...

I only tried the one he provided us with; nice and light, although with 4 courses to go, I am almost hoping for a delay to occur to insure there is room!

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