Monday, June 3, 2013

Hammer Tyme

After the demise of her human paladin in D&D a ways back, Audrey was ripe for a change, and harboured a desire for something with more of a penchant for ass-kickery.  Although the previous assortment of heroes made it 7 levels without a cleric without a single death (until it all went pear-shaped), having a healer on hand can even the odds in protracted engagements, and in 4th edition divine vengeance comes in a multitude of flavours and sizes.  Race-wise, dwarves are sturdy and fun, so as a result, enter Loradyne Hammyrfeld, priestess of Moradin.

I started with one of the GW Queen Helgar models (seen below), did away with her shield, and replaced her not insignificant axe with a proper greathammer, or maul as they are sometimes known.
As a Wagnerian ideal, she should probably have kept the shield, added a spear, and been named Brunnhilde, but Loradyne Hammyrfeld is a great name for a Dwarf cleric, and I can't wait to see how she works out with dungeon party 2.0.

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