Thursday, December 12, 2013

2013 Advent Beer 12: Cameron's Auburn Ale

Halfway through both Advent calendars, or as I like to call it...




Today's beer comes from Canada's Golden Horseshoe: Oakville, Ontario, and Cameron's Brewing Co. I'm not familiar with this brewery, but their labels comes that the contents are hand brewed by beer artisans, and that it is all natural, with no preservatives, which makes for a promising start.


Described as a "complex West Coast style ale brewed with citrusy aromatic American hops", Cameron's Auburn Ale is chromatically true to its name, pouring a rich, coppery red-brown. A finger of cream-coloured head crowns the glass, and you have to work a little to discern the hops in the aroma.


They are certainly there in the taste, but not overwhelmingly so. It reminds me a little of the craft beers sold by Kirkland/Costco, with higher than average hop bitterness, but into to the point where you would compare it to an IPA. Great mouthfeel with just the right amount of carbonation, and a crisp, dry finish accompanied by a hint of hoppy bitterness I would find it disturbingly easy to go through multiples of this beer over an evening; it would make a great session beer. I will definitely look for Cameron's Auburn Ale in the future, perhaps to enjoy while watching the Olympics in February.


A humpty-backed camel as Will Millar liked to say,

Graces the stable with his appearance today.

Hauling people and freight as a matter of course,

These Bactrians are far more common than horse.

If on his howdah a star you espy

You know he's the mount of a Persian Magi.

A beast known for intractable and ill-natured temper

He's weary and placid when seen in December.


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