Thursday, December 5, 2013

2013 Advent Beer 5: Hurricane Amber Ale

Today's beer comes to us from Rhode Island, courtesy of Newport Storm. Having recently watched Jaws, I feel a reasonable degree of regional acclimatization and appreciation for amber ale from the American northeast.


Colour-wise, it is one of the truest ambers I've seen; I half expected to find a perfectly preserved insect in my glass, but thankfully I didn't. A moderate amount of carbonation means very little in the way of head, and the bready maltiness is offset by a sharp, spicy, but not unpleasant amount of hopping.


A very balanced beer, with pleasant taste, nose and mouthfeel; I would definitely give this Hurricane another whirl, and bet it would be even more delightful on tap.


I'm also curious how long this three-step north to south progression will keep going in the calendar; tomorrow's beer can be from a lot of places in the US and maintain the pattern! Beer 1 was from Ontario, 2 from Alabama, 3 from Mexico, then back up to the Yukon...I find it unlikely they would have planned the order of beers this way, and it's probably just random, but it's human nature to ascribe patterning where none exists. And fun, too.


Jesus' step-dad Joseph made the scene in the other calendar today, a gent who doesn't get nearly enough appreciation in my eyes. His arranged bride is carrying a baby she says an angel gave her, and no one would blame him if he 'gave her back' to her family. If he did though, she very likely would have been stoned to death, and he has an epiphany of his own later to encourage him in doing the right thing.


So he takes someone else's son into his home, gives him a family, gives him a home and even teaches him a trade. A kid in that situation could have come off a lot worse, and maybe that's the lesson here: maybe love is what turns a hopeless situation into something awesome.


And yet, Mary, the poor girl who never really had any choice in all of this, is the one they write all the songs about! Sorry, Joe.


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