Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Ice Bucket Doggerel

Late in August, as the trend was at its peak, a couple of people where I work organized an Ice Bucket Challenge in benefit of ALS research.


This trend of challenging others to douse themselves with icy cold water has now run its course, and that is probably just as well, but I am very glad we participated. There was some spectacular trash talking, an excellent display of leadership from everyone involved (from the Executive level to the trenches!), a wonderful time shared outside on one of the last really warm days of the summer, but most importantly, $3000 was raised that might not have been otherwise.


The video at this link shows the highlights; it's funnier if you know the people involved, but even if you don't, it's worth skipping to the 2:15 mark to see how our boss kicks it off!


The whole thing came together in under a week, and I was so impressed by the efforts displayed, I was moved to verse. Not good verse or anything, but for the twenty minutes after lunch spent putting it together, it made a few people smile.


We’ve seen lots of cool things at our Windermere place

But today made it hard to maintain a straight face

When a challenge gets dropped and an event created

To see so many colleagues get so marinated

Dihydrogen monoxide saturation

Is shocking on just about every occasion

Even more so, I’m reliably told

When said liquid is almost solid from cold

With water that’s practically refrigerated

We’re glad no one had to get defibrillated

Grimaces, flinches, but no attempts to abort

Goes a long way to show that our crew are good sports

ALS is a monster that strikes without warning

But knowledge gets spread through these ice-buckets pouring

The staff will queue up for cold water parity

And raise three thousand dollars for such a great charity

Showing bravery, humility, grace and compassion

Our leaders (and others!) stepped forth to take action

Admit it, when faced with that threat of ice bucket

Most of us would probably just say…

…“Well, at least it’s for a good cause.”

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